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TELUGU MOVIE REVIEW-Mr. Majnu Movie Review

TELUGU MOVIE REVIEW-Mr. Majnu Movie Review
TELUGU MOVIE REVIEW-Mr. Majnu Movie Review

Akhil AkkineniNidhi AgarwalNaga BabuRao RameshSubbarajuAdhiPriyadarshi and others
Director - Venky Atluri
Producer - BVSN Prasad
Banner - Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra
Music - S. Thaman
Akhil makes his mark as a performing artist and takes the show as the Casanova who experiences a grievousness.

What is it about? 

Vicky otherwise known as Vikram Krishna (Akhil) has an issue with long-lasting connections. In spite of knowing his coquettish frame of mind, Nikki (Nidhi) succumbs to him. Be that as it may, Vicky couldn't respond the adoration to Nikki and them isolated. Presently Vicky understands his affection for Nikki and goes to win her back.


Akhil is classy, smooth and especially reasonable as the person who can win any young lady. Other than his attractive looks and fit physical make-up, Akhil has concocted an extremely decent execution as Vicky. He has the ability and frame of mind to contend with the best. Nidhi Agarwal is attractive however the character requests a superior entertainer. Priyadarshi and Adhi offers humor as the legend's sidekicks in the principal half and second half separately. All the senior performing artists like Nagababu, Sitara and Rao Ramesh have worked admirably. Subbaraju is great as the extreme looking person with a delicate heart.
TELUGU MOVIE REVIEW-Mr. Majnu Movie Review

Mr. Majnu Story: A charming playboy who has never had a certifiable relationship winds up stuck in an unfortunate situation when he finally meets the right young woman. Will they end up together? Or then again will his fear of duty impact their relationship?

Mr. Majnu Telugu movie Review: There couldn't have been a prevalent title than Mr. Majnu for a film that deals with a male saint's tirelessness of a fiasco. With this Venky Atluri directorial, Akhil Akkineni has formally been given the mantle to accept command over the Casanova occupations that his father performing craftsman Nagarjuna has worked in. Anyway in this we gonna talk about the Telugu movie review  It can't get more official than this when he's suggested his granddad and father's eminent motion pictures in a section that scrutinizes 'Devadasu Mavado, Manmadhudike varasudo'. Regardless, more than the playboy side to Akhil, it's his acting coarseness that amazement in Mr. Majnu, the most. The film is an affirmation to Akhil's changing and prudence as an on-screen character, acquainting his conviction with manage a perfect masala outing.

Vikram Krishna a.k.a Vicky, played by Akhil, is a heartthrob at school, a hit with young women, to such a degree, to the point that they fight to be his 'significant other'. On his landing trek to India ensuing to completing his graduation, he meets Nikitha a.k.a Nikki (Nidhhi Aggarwal) in the midst of a flight. In the wake of starting contact, Vicky and Nikki hint at enhancement motivation to joint together understanding that both their cousins are relied upon to marry soon. The relationship by then takes distinctive meanders erratically while Nikki is bad with Vicky's commitment issues. The plot oversees how the two stay through the thick and thin of their relationship and reestablish their veneration.

For the underlying thirty minutes in any occasion, Mr. Majnu proceeds on a harsh scene. Official Venky endeavors a touch too hard to even consider evening consider anticipating the hesitant side to his lead character Vicky and the standard references to Akhil's 'charm', 'heartthrob' picture gives off an impression of being unreasonably to manage. The film makes its stamp just in the midst of the family-sensation partitions, where you comprehend the 'honorable' estimation of Vicky. The certifiable stun is the made light of execution of Akhil Akkineni here, he's capable in striking an excited amicability.

Regardless of the way that the motion picture every now and again gives you a vibe, this has occurred before of the official's first film Tholi Prema to the extent the story structure, Mr. Majnu doesn't lose steam for the most part parts. There's some energy in the systems with Hyper Aadi's passage in the second hour, his blended condition with Subbaraju ensuring laughs in plenitude. The publication by a breathed life into a type of a two-year-old infant makes for some spellbinding groupings also. Certain qualities to the characters, like that of Priyadarshi, who bears each time Akhil tells a lie, add flavor to the film.

The trades remain to-the-point and the subplots all out the story well, anyway the string about film burglary could have been joined better into the story. Rao Ramesh's activity starts off with much assurance, just to be disregarded sooner. Mr. Majnu could have even been a crispier film had the motion picture maker avoided those overlong movement parcels. Nidhi Aggarwal moves a great deal of screen space to show her degree anyway doesn't have any impact as a performing craftsman.

It's Akhil who steadies this harsh ship, while arranger Thaman remains the uncelebrated yet really incredible individual of the film for its awesome music score. Be it essentialness, melody or a  sentiment of calm, Thaman's music is a perfect remain to the film's story. Mr. Majnu may not be as motivating as Tholi Prema but instead has every segment in it to make for an attracting watch at the movies.

Nothing more in this Telugu movie review as well as you can watch this movie because its a great movie see you guys stay tuned for the next upcoming movie review.

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